Diamonds From Ashes

Schoedinger Funeral Homes partnered with Eterneva to offer a modern, personal, and positive way to celebrate an extraordinary loved one.

Starting price

Ashes or hair needed

Avg time to completion


2 tbsp - 1/2 cup

7-10 months

6, 12, or 18 month terms

As low as 0% APR

No hidden fees

Split up the cost of your diamond over 6, 12, or 18 months.

Pay 0% interest on 6 and 12 month terms.

Know upfront exactly what you'll owe with no surprises.

How to Start Your Journey


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Talk to your Schoedinger director

Talk to your local funeral director and request they separate out 1/2 a cup of ashes/hair.


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Start the journey

We will learn about your loved one, help you select the perfect diamond, and start you on this uplifting journey.

Your Loved One's Dedication Page

While the diamond is forever, their story should be too! Every loved one gets a dedication page to celebrate them on their journey to becoming a diamond. Friends and family can subscribe and share updates, and be involved in the journey with you.


Q: How much ashes or hair is needed to grow a memorial diamond?

We only need 1/2 a cup of ashes or hair to grow a diamond! If you have less than that, don't worry - a small amount goes a long way. Contact us and we’ll let you know if you have enough. Any ashes/hair we don't use we’ll also send back to the funeral home to give to you at the end of the process.

Q: How long does the journey of growing a memorial diamond take?

It takes between 7-10 months to create a memorial diamond, it depends on size and color. Every month, the Eterneva team will provide pictures, videos, and updates so you can be a part of the journey. 

We believe these 7-10 months can be cathartic, as they were for our co-founder Adelle when she got to see first-hand the entire process of turning her business mentor’s ashes into a diamond. It gave her something positive to talk about with friends and family. It gave her something to look forward to. And it changed her relationship with the loss, making space for reverence as she created something beautiful from tragedy.

Q: Is a memorial diamond real?

Absolutely. Memorial diamonds are real diamonds. Like regular diamonds, we grade and certify our diamonds to prove authenticity. We guarantee your diamond will meet the minimum carat weight you ordered and be free of visible inclusions. If we don't meet these standards, we'll grow you an additional diamond to ensure we do!

Q: How much carbon is left in cremated remains (ashes)?

On average, there is 1-4% Carbon left in ashes after cremation. This Carbon is found in two forms: organic and inorganic carbon. Eterneva works with TDI-Brooks International/B&B Laboratories Inc. to do third-party carbon analysis for any customer who requests to know the carbon content of their loved one’s remains.

Q: How are memorial diamonds made?

Memorial diamonds use biocarbon to grow a diamond. The process begins with purification of the ashes or hair you send in so we can extract the pure carbon. You’ll get a video update from us once we get it back so you can see what the pure carbon looks like –– and then, we load it into a diamond growth cell. 

The diamond growth cell contains the biocarbon, generic carbon and a tiny diamond seed. This seed acts similar to the sand around which a pearl forms in an oyster. It tells the carbon what form to take. From there, the diamond is inspected for any imperfections, cut and colored to your desired specifications, sent to a third-party grading organization called IGI, and then, we plan the homecoming!

Q: Can you help with setting the diamond?

We offer a beautiful line of curated settings and can also help create a custom piece. We usually begin the setting process around month six in the process, after the diamond has been cut. Alternatively, if you prefer no setting or want to work with a local jeweler, we can deliver your diamond unset. 

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